Thursday, August 11, 2011

Olympic Dreaming

What do writers and Olympic gymnasts have in common? The impossible dream? The hours of dedication and sacrifice? Or maybe just the twisting and bending. Gymnasts bend, flip, and twist their bodies, while writers bend, flip and twist their minds.
Recently, while slowed down by illness I got sucked into a TV Series about elite gymnasts preparing for the Olympics in 2012. The fictional account of the struggles of 4 teenage girls to reach the goal of being on the medal stand at the Olympics struck a cord in my mind that was buried deep. I dreamt about the Olympics and couldn't get the stories out of my mind. And then during one episode where all looked lost for one of the girls her mother said something that put it all into perspective. While talking about the sacrifices everyone had made to support the gymnast in her dream, Mom said (something to the effect of), "You can't ask if its all worth it, because you're here and for better or worse you have to go for it. It's who you are."

Writing a novel, editing, honing, selling, and publishing can feel like an Olymic dream sometimes. Few succeed, but the pay off in the end is worth it and the journey is worth it.
Gymnastics is an individual sport in the end, but almost anyone who has walked the beam will tell you that it takes a team to win. Writing is also an individual art that requires a team of spotters, supporters, believers and dreamers to win.
No one could ask for a better or more inspiring team of all-stars than the Inkers. We dream big, and train hard and work late and never, ever give up.

So what's your dream? Are we dreaming big enough for the talent we have? Are your dreams Olympic size? If we're going to put in the blood, sweat, and tears, we might as well reach for the Gold.

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  1. I like the analogy Donna. I feel like I need a lot more free time to practice for my personal Olympics, publishing a book, but I certainly have good support and desire. Seeing other people achieve their dreams always gives me hope.