Monday, April 2, 2012

Disney Romance

Last week Donna, Kirk and I went to dinner with the lovely Bree Despain and Brodi Ashton. We ate thai food, discussed books, and talked writing. I can't really think of an evening I enjoy more!

Bree, who is really quite brilliant, shared some advice that I liked so much I wanted to post it. She talked about the three different kinds of romances, and identifying the type of romance you might be writing.

The first is the Cinderella romance, where the woman is in love with the man, and trying to catch his attention. (See also Little Mermaid).

The second is the Beauty and the Beast romance, where the man is in love with the woman and trying to catch her attention. (See also Aladdin).

The third is the Sleeping Beauty romance, where the couple is in love but circumstances keep them apart. (See also Snow White).

Although I'm not writing a romance, per se, there is a romantic element in my book. While trying to fit it in to the three categories Bree talked about, I realized my romance didn't quite fit.

So I'd also like to submit a fourth romance for suggestion. In keeping with the Disney theme, I think there is also the Tangled romance, where the couple doesn't begin in love, but through time and circumstance that pushes them together, end up falling in love. (See also Princess and the Frog).

I think my romance might be more of a Tangled contender.

What are you writing?


  1. The tangled romance is my favorite kind. I love when people don't start out in love, because that's usually the way it happens to most of us in real life :)

  2. The one I've finished is Sleeping Beauty. WIP would be Tangled.

    I might argue that Cinderella is really the same as Sleeping Beauty because the prince is in love with her too but her circumstances (social position/evil stepmother) keep them apart.

  3. I think the Cinderella plot was who initiates the romance, she dresses up to go meet him and is the initial pursuer. She has to win her prince. Where as in beauty and the beast he has to win the girl.

    My current wip is Aladin-esque with opposite fortunes. Having lots of fun with it.