Saturday, May 5, 2012

Point of View Preferences

I've started work on a new project (women's fiction/romantic comedy) and have been debating myself over whether to use a first person POV, like in my first completed novel, or use third person. I've only written half a page, but I chose third person because I thought it would be good to get out of the first person mindset.

However, I keep wondering if first person wouldn't be better, and I think it's mostly because I tend to like to read stories written in first person. I like getting inside the head of the main character and taking the journey with them. But, since third person is the most commonly used POV, I'm thinking there must be good reason for that, leaving me questioning if I'm leaning toward first person because it is easier for me.

So, rather than continue my internal debate and going in circles, I'd love to hear from you about your POV preferences. Perhaps your feedback can help me to make a choice and get going with it already. Because, to be honest, I'm beginning to wonder if this struggle isn't an excuse to procrastinate digging in to the new story. ;)


  1. I had the same struggle, going from my first novel in first person, to my second novel in third person. I went back and forth, wrote the first chapter in both points of view, but in the end, I knew third person would tell the story better. It's definitely a shift, changing your writing style for the point of view, but like all things, you'll get it down and fall into it.

  2. I like both POV's when reading. I'm sure once you get into the characters you'll figure out which one works best for the story.

  3. I'm having the same struggle. But the more I outline and do character sketches, the more I realize I don't know the boy yet, and he needs to be discovered. So I'm going with first person for now. Cause that puzzle of a boy is half the fun of ya romance....

  4. I also read in both POVs and like both options when writing. Third person limited is my comfort zone. I would say that telling a good story has enough difficulties. If first person is your go to style and what you like to read then it will most likely work really well for you. I also happen to know that you have a great writers group and if this new story is not working because of POV they will let you know quickly and you can always adjust a different POV. I think it possible that this is a matter of over thinking during discovery. The hardest thing abt starting a new project for me is turning off the editor who spent weeks or months in my head polishing the manuscript I just finished and letting that optimistic free spirited discovery writer out to play for a change. Don't sweat the small stuff at the beginning of a new adventure at this point everything about the project is on the white board and easily reconfigured.