Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting Over the Hump

It’s Wednesday. Here I am to get you through the middle of your week. Wednesdays are hard. It’s been too long since last weekend and the glow is wearing off, yet its still to far from next weekend—too soon to start making any major plans. So what should you do? What can you do to move forward when there seems so little to look forward too?
Create your own holiday. Make Wednesdays your favorite day of the week. Start by reading this blog, because I will be the contributing author on Wednesdays. Then you can select from several options below based on your vacationing personality.
If your life is full of stress and you spend your vacations in the quiet, take 15 minutes, get your favorite relaxing beverage (mine’s a cold glass of water—so pure, I know), breathe deep, relax all the muscles, and read a chapter from your favorite book—you know the kind. It’s the book that you only admit to loving to your truest friends. It’s the chapter that makes the whole world right just by reading it. After that you should be able to face the rest of week.
However, if your typical vacation is more about adrenalin than relaxin’ I suggest you drive home blindfolded on Wednesdays. That should be enough adrenalin to keep you going until Friday.
When you vacations call for sight seeing you can take a midweek vacation. Start by going inside your local gas station and buying all your favorite car foods. Next you’ll want to purposely get lost and drive in areas you’ve never been in. Eat that great car food that still tastes like the gas station (popcorn picks up flavor easily—don’t ever buy it at a gas station) and sightsee to your hearts content.
If you are the outdoors type and find yourself stuck in the city, hike the stairs and conquer that office building. If you find yourself stuck in the country on a Wednesday roll in the grass or lie under a tree. Heck, if y’all find yourself in the country, Wednesday shouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s freedom out there. (Uh huh!)
So, join me each Wednesday for more enlightenment on surviving the day and occasionally for some great writing.

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  1. I like the car food idea, but then we all know how I think with my stomach. :)