Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name

What's in a name or a pseudonym for that matter? Well, on this blog apparently some form of RED is in a name. Who started this? Oh yeah, it was me. There is a lesson in there somewhere. It's akin to 'Be careful what you wish for' except this one is 'Be careful what you start.' I have several names under consideration. Since we live in a democracy for the time being. Let's have a vote.

a) Crimson Crocs (I actually have a pair of them.)
b) Ruby Stylus (perhaps this should have been 'a' since it is my favorite at the moment.)
c) Strawberry Blonde
d) Burgundy Beret
e) Saphire Sprite (I know its not red, but I just loved it and it fit me better, red is just not my color and I don't mind swimming upstream. As my sister's door sign says, "Well behaved women rarely make history.")

I retain the veto power, because it's my name we're voting on, however I would like to know which (if any) of the above names tickles your fancy.


  1. I still like Ruby Slippers, especially since you are probably ready to click your heels and come home by now.

  2. I'm down with the Sapphire Sprite. I maintain that "sapphire" is a pinkish enough color to be red, and "sprite" seems fitting, especially after reading "Wings".

    And we all know why I read "Wings". :-D hehehehehe

    Deb, thanks for commenting on a grahampage! Conduit was a blast with you.

  3. I don't think our group will ever come to the same decision about ANYTHING!

  4. That being said, I take it upon myself to play devil's advocate :-)

  5. Graham's my kind of Devil. I am sooo liking Saphire Sprite and it makes me happy to have someone who agrees.
    Saphire has nothing to do with red. Not even close and I don't care. Wings or no wings I think I'd rather be a sprite than a croc. Of course the predatory connotations of croc are not lost on me either.

    I hate making decisions and I hate being sooo far away from everything. Grrr. I want to hang out. I mean i love my sister of course and I'm happy to be able to attend the wedding but there is really not much for me to do here.

    Hope you're all having fun.

  6. I know sapphires can be blue, but the bulk of times I've heard 'sapphire' referenced as a color, it's something pinkish. Then again I'm a man, so it's possible I'm just painfully ignorant on the subject of gems.

  7. My personal vote is Ruby Slippers. That said, I'm not so sure I like Rose Colored Glass . . . But I really like Rose. I've taken to it like you wouldn't believe.

    Missing you too Donna. Of course, when you get back we won't be able to hang out until after PED's. Tents are up at city hall.