Saturday, October 29, 2011


With some trepidation after my bad experience with American Horror Story, I watched the pilot episode of the new NBC series Grimm.

The premise is, while investigating the grisly murder of a college student (who was killed as she ran in a wooded area while wearing a red hoodie), a detective discovers he is a descendant of the Grimm family, of fairy tale fame, and that he has the ability to see the true identities of the monsters and villains of the Grimm tales (e.g. the Big Bad Wolf), lurking beneath normal human exteriors in his midst. It seems they are not just fairy tales after all.

Although I found a couple of the key actors to be on the weak side, this episode totally hooked me with great pacing, genuine suspense, and the intriguing premise. I literally jumped in my seat several times, yet it was not too gory or scary, just creepy good. My favorite is a supporting character named Eddie Monroe, who puts a new twist on the Big Bad Wolf. He provided an unexpected dose of humor.

I don't know exactly where they are going ultimately with this, but I will be back for episode 2.


  1. I was interested in the sudden listing of two new fairytale shows, so I watched them both to see which I preferred. I thought "Grimm" was a little darker and "Once Upon a Time" more deeply steeped in the world of fairytales. Since I usually prefer the darker element, you might be surprised to know I preferred "Once Upon a Time."

  2. We watched the pilot of Grimm last night and liked it. Although we did find it hard to believe (SPOILER ALERT) that a seasoned detective would put three bullets into the chest of an unarmed, fleeing man who hadn't yet even been established as the killer/kidnapper. Interesting premise and some good promise, too.

  3. I'm waiting for Grimm to see if you all still like it in a few weeks. I really liked "Once Upon a Time." Marko and I watched the first 2 episodes and as long as they don't go all 'Lost' on the plot it should be great fun to watch.