Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've Been Appendixed

I just showed up on a podcast called The Appendix. Check it out if you dare:

We talk about my trip to Worldcon and about speculative fantasy. Plus, we recorded this on Rob Wells's book launch party day, so go check out his national debut: Variant. He couldn't be there for the podcast, because he is now famous and happy.

The Appendix crew includes Sarah Eden and Marion Jensen--two of my favorite people--and so it was a blast. Sarah Eden writes excellent Regency romance novels and Marion writes superhero, go-West dystopia, and comedic books (thus far, but nothing is stopping him from writing swashbuckling pirate adventures . . . wink, wink).


  1. Those are some of my favourite people as well, though I confess I mostly just love them because they're brilliant and hilarious. I'm shallow like that.

    Variant was AMAZING!

  2. I liked your spaghetti-o eating zombie slayer.