Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time To Suffer

On Saturday I heard someone speaking about trials in life. She said that trials make our lives interesting, and when the time comes to share our life stories, we don't want our tales to be boring.

What a great point.

The same goes for the stories we write. When our characters suffer, struggle, and fight, it makes the story much more interesting. No one wants to read about someone who goes through life without a problem in the world. That's the person we all hate.

So as you're going through those hard times, feel relief that you aren't the person that everyone hates. Then channel it into your story because it'll make a great read!


  1. So now all I have to figure out is if my life makes a better sci-fi, fantasy, romance or horror story right? I'm thinking a cross genre coming of age, fantasy, romance story where all my angst ridden life lessons, superpowers and true love meet in an epic format.

  2. Oh the struggle. It is important. That is why I tend to like the happier endings. I want the struggle to lead to growth and fulfillment and not be futile.