Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Missed My Wednesday

I missed it.  Not really.  I was delightfully busy with my family.  But I completely forgot all of you.  My apologies.

My daughter (12) has loved writing for several years now.  She's pretty accomplished.

But my son (10) has never loved it.  In fact his teachers and I have struggled to find ways for him to write anything.  When the rest of the class was writing on a preassigned topic he was free to write about anything he wanted.  Just so that he would actually write.

Yesterday as I was driving him and two other Inkers' children home he announced that he loves writing now.  I almost wrecked the car for shock (not really).  I haven't read his work but I am just so happy that he loves to write.

Then the other Inker children talked about how much they love to write as well. 

As mothers, we will influence our kids for good or bad.  But I think its pretty cool that our kids are following in our footsteps and expressing themselves on paper.


  1. I agree. My daughter loves to write, also. And my son loves to cook. Can you guess what I like to do? :)

  2. Very nice! Always good to know they do listen to us sometimes. :) It makes me smile whenever I see my oldest working on his latest book project or play.