Tuesday, August 10, 2010

San Francisco

I went to San Francisco last week with my family and I have to say that I love that city. So much to do! So much to love! The highlight for my kids is always the Exploratorium. For me, its always what food we choose to partake in. Therefore, I was very sad when I was sick the first two days we were there. I ended up spending some time in the van sleeping while everyone else waited for the cable cars. The good part, though, was being able to thoroughly people watch. But, not just watch. The best part was being able to hear what they were saying. It was kind of funny listening to what they had to say because they clearly didn't know I could hear them. Some people were mean. Some oblivious. Others were focused while running errands. I saw plenty of people holding bakery boxes which especially piqued my interest. :) Others spoke in languages other than English. I'm sure I heard at least four different families speaking in French. All of this is to say that my head was spinning with story ideas and ways to tell the story I'm currently working on. I'm thrilled because I have new found motivation to write!

And my kids are back in school!



  1. Yay!

    San Fran is a great city to find inspiration in. You have piqued the travel bug I've been feeling.