Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer's End

Summer is ending and I am feeling a bit nostalgic.  A 20-something friend posted on facebook all the things he's trying to juggle and that made me feel nostalgic too.

Trying to figure out all those life-changing things and the end of summer are similiar to me.  Both have the sense of the carefree coming to an end. The good old days are closing, dusk is coming on those freedom days, but night offers some great adventures.

Maybe its becuase I fell in love with my husband over the summer.  We were engaged by Labor Day and married before New Year's Eve.  Summer is amazing; adventure, feet in the sand, new things to try, or old things to revisit.  But Fall comes with some of its own nostalgia.  Think of pumpkins, apple crisp, comfort, new pencils, blank notebooks, cozy blankets, roaring fires.

When I was a 20-Something and making all those decisions, I didn't realize how great my "autumn" would be.  Everything is better with my best friend at my side.  All the adventure's we've had, good and bad, are better because he was there.  One of my favorite things is to look at him in the driver's seat as we head off on some grand adventure.  His profile makes me smile.

So, as I rush to get everything ready for my kids' back-to-school day, waiting for pay-day, planning, hoping what I need is still available, etc, I am also remembering the great adventures we've had this summer; three crazy kids, camping trips, backyard marshmallow roasts, water parks, baseball games, bocce games, video games, and in my life in general; long road trips, moving, jobs, babies, tweens, building houses, yard work, beaches, forrests, mountains, valleys.

What's on your mind today?
PS Sorry for the sap.  It's just what is on my mind . . .


  1. I met my husband in the summer too.

    What's on my mind today? More than anyone wants to know in the blog comments :)

  2. DJ, I love how you put things. :)

    On my mind today is how to build a fire pit so I can cook a pit turkey for Thanksgiving. (You heard that right, Donna)...and I'm going to go make a chocolate cake in a mug in my microwave. Apparently, my mind is on food. :)

  3. That was lovely DJ. I hope your husband reads that and enjoys that great tribute.

    What is mostly on my mind today is work-related and stressful, so I'm thankful for your post for reminding me of the things that are really important - the hubby and my two lovely boys who keep us running, laughing, and loving.

  4. Isn't that picture of the girl in hammock amazing. I want to find the real one. I need more art in my life.

  5. That picture would look so good in your house. Also that is an awesome post. On my mind today is a lot of work and brainstorming and back to school responsibilities.