Wednesday, October 6, 2010


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Do you remember the time when if you wanted to talk on the phone you had to sit by the phone?

My family's first computer cost more than three new computers today and it didn't have a hard drive on it.

I thought for sure that when I grew up to be a mom all the cars would fly and I would have a robot that cleaned my house.

I have no robot, but I have three small ones who mess up my house, and do occasional chores.

My car doesn't fly, but on occasion it has felt like it did--rushing to the doctor with an injured small one, I flew down the street.

Times may not be as advanced as I thought when I was a small one, but it is fun to remember what I imagined life would be like in 2010.


  1. So the cars may not fly, but did you think you could listen to music on a device smaller than your thumb?

    Information on anything is available in seconds. Want to solve a rubic's cube? Don't spend hours fiddling with it. Just pull up "youtube" on your PHONE and you can see how its done in quick easy steps while you're in a meeting, restaurant, anywhere.

    Have a pen pal in China, no more weeks of waiting for letters you can email or instant message or even talk to them on video chat completely free of charge.

    Tired of hearing messages in that digital voice on your email? Don't worry for free you can get "Google voice" to transcribe your voicemail and text you with the message.

    Bored? No such thing anymore, just pull out your iPad and watch TV or read a book while you wait.

    It may not be what I imagined (ie No space station on the Moon where I hoped to be living by now), but some of it is crazier and cooler than I thought it would be.

  2. I hear ya DJ. I still wish I had all the gadgets in my home the Jetsons did.