Saturday, October 2, 2010


I was touched by a news story this week about a 64 year old man who survived six days in Joshua Tree National Park in hundred degree temperatures without food or water. Writing notes to his loved ones on his hat is credited with helping him to survive.

It just reaffirmed for me the power of writing and the emotional connection it can have for people. And, from this day on, I vow to always carry a pen with me.

On another subject, R.I.P. to Stephen J. Cannell, a talented writer/producer of some great TV shows, including two I enjoyed growing up - The Rockford Files (my Mom had a thing for James Garner), and 21 Jump Street (helloooo Johnny Depp).

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  1. I've need to keep a pen with me too. . . usually there are several in my purse. :)