Friday, October 8, 2010

Towers of Midnight Book Trailer

So most of us are looking forward to the second to last installment of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson: Towers of Midnight, which comes out November 2.

A quick aside. I have some some really horrific (and not in the Nightmare on Elm Street sense) book trailers out there. Ones that make me wish YouTube had never lured authors to the idea of book trailers in the first place. At work we've talked often about whether book trailers help authors promote their books, and I would wager that a bad or mediocre trailer would hurt more than help. And I'm just not seeing many great book trailers.

And that's where I get back to Towers of Midnight. Here is a phenomenal book trailer that (1) hooks the targeted audience (me and other Jordan/Sanderson fans), (2) is SIMPLE and elegant, (3) doesn't use phony gimmicks or stunts, and (4) uses the most captivating teaser text they could possibly pull from the book: the note from Morraine to Thom Merrilin. So check it out. Book trailers' benchmark:


  1. Interesting trailer. And yeah, I've seen a few that have been trainwrecks--either for being filmed on camera phones, or for being so overtly cheesy.

    PS Kirk it's a quarter past three, why are you blogging? Seriously I mean who is up at this hour of the morning dude

  2. WOW, I just can't beleive that you actually posted. I am so impressed. That is an intruiging trailer. Makes me almost want to read it.

  3. Love the trailer. I've seen both horrible and a very few really intriguing book trailers. This one was fun to watch.

  4. Okay that was WICKED awesome! Frickin' can't wait for that one.