Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Can Do Anything For 15 Minutes

Last night I watched mesmerized as the Chilean miners were hauled from the earth.  I watched the wives' anxious expressions as they waited for their husbands to emerge from the deep.  Tears streamed down my cheek as I thought of how I would cope if my husband were in similar circumstances.

Then I think about that trip out.  I would have to work extremely hard to convince myself that I could endure that tube for fifteen minutes.  I don't know if I could.  Of course, I can hardly handle cave tours, so I probably wouldn't be down there in the first place.

But in truth, you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes.  So, you CAN write for 15 minutes a day.  Anything is bearable in 15 minute increments.  Just ask these men.


  1. I love this story! It is such a miracle, and I love the spirit of these men. It's just amazing what they have survived. I can't wait to see the last one emerge.

    You're right DJ. 15 minutes is such a small span of time. I waste much more than that every day.

  2. How lame am I that I didn't know anything about this story until Scott brought it up the other night? I must be living in a parallel world or something. It's incredibly awesome that someone came up with this plan. So cool!

    Is it wrong, though, that I keep thinking about that movie with Christian Bale in it? With the dragons? What was that called?....

  3. When you remember the movie fill me in. I have no clue.

  4. It's been amazing watching each man as he comes up from the mine. I don't know if I could stand being in the tube, either. But it would be better than staying down there.

  5. The story is amazing and I keep thinking of the movie too. It's Reign of Fire and has Christian Bale AND Matthew McConaughey in it! What more could you want? Dragons? Oh yeah there also be dragons!