Thursday, September 29, 2011

Accidents happen

When you get a fortune cookie that says "something unexpected will happen at work or school next week," what do you think of? Me, I think of fun and surprises like a big bonus check or my daughter winning the spelling bee even though she is an average speller. I have been focusing on the power of positive thinking and energy.

The most unexpected thing to happen at work or school this week, however, was my 10 year old son breaking his collar bone while playing flag football. The timing was not bad because I could take a few days off work to help him. So was I being too optimistic with my outlook on my fortune? I'm not sure. There have been plenty of good unexpected things as well, like that same son starting band the day before he broke his collar bone so he has something to do while he can't play soccer.

When we have prophecies or fortune's or predictions in our writing there are good and bad things that can come from the same events. It just depends on how they come about. I'm trying to remember that in my new project. Would my characters see an unexpected turn of events as good fortune or bad and how would they react to it?

In my life I hope for the good and handle whatever comes in the best way I can. I'm pretty sure that I'm not unique in this outlook to life.

What was your best fortune cookie lately?


  1. "About time I got out of the cookie" No lie.

  2. Ha ha DJ, I love it.

    Good thoughts Donna. Sometimes we're so focused on the big things we forget all the little positives that make what could have been a terrible experience not so bad, and I'd always vote for not bad over terrible.

    I don't remember my last fortune cookie verbatim, but they are usually along the lines of you will receive money or fame. I'm still waiting.