Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recycling the Hunks

New teen staralicious Thomas McDonell brother to author Nick Mcdonell just debuted in "Prom" by Disney. Does he remind you of anyone?

Like this fellow Mr. Johnny Depp in Don Juan DeMarco. Maybe its just me =)

There is a point to this little display. I'm struggling to pinpoint my hero! I've started a new project and I have a dastardly villain, a spunky heroine with red low lights in her hair that match her fiery personality, a pseudo hero (beautiful and flawed), but the elusive Pimpernel of the plot it still hiding. I can't seem to find him. So I'm going to spend some more time reading about my favorite heroes and see if I can channel a younger sexier version of an old favorite.
Hey, if Disney can do it, why can't I?


  1. I'm always up for hero research. Give me the word and I'll ogle, uh I mean google the hunkier gender.

  2. Good luck with the search! At least you know his name. That's something. I'm quite sure he'll take his place in the story when the time is right (as all great heroes do). :)