Friday, September 30, 2011

Orbital Drop

So one of the highlights at the Worldcon in Reno last month was meeting the Orbit Publishing team. While listening to their presentation, I could tell that they're delving into ebooks and ebook marketing in a new and refreshing way. One of the features I especially liked is the program they have called the Orbital Drop, in which each month they give away certain ebooks for $3.00 a pop in any format you want. It's one of my new favorite places to get ebooks. Check it out:


  1. Ok, that photo scared me a little.

    Great to have so many options now with the ebook market. Thanks for sharing Kirk.

  2. I am wanting an eReader. Seriously. So then, I can stop bugging Donna for all her Georgette Heyer books, cause a lot of them are $2.

  3. I'm happy to share my books, DJ. However and ereader might be a fun change too. I'm just not sold yet. I look at a computer screen too much during the day. At night I like curl up with a good book with no back lighting or blips.