Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tis the Season

We turn to Fall this week, and thus a slew of new TV offerings. I've tried in recent years to not take on too much new programming. Hubby and I really only have 1-2 hours of free time in the evening once the kids are in bed, and I do have a novel I'm trying to finish.

But, I can't give up couch cuddle time in front of the tele with Hubby, so if we're going to watch, I want it to be downright entertaining.

After reviewing the Fall TV preview issue of EW, I have a few new shows I want to check out. I'm willing to give them 2-3 episodes to hook me in, or they will be cast off.

Here is my short list of those that perked my interest:

Once Upon a Time: A drama series mixed with fantasy featuring some of the best known fairy tale characters trapped in the modern world, unbeknownst to them

Grimm: Another fairy tale angle, but intriguing - a cop show that uses parallels from favorite fairy tales in its cases, with writers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

New Girl: A sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel about a girl who moves in with three random guys as they all try to figure out what direction to take in their life. Could end up being a "Four's Company", but I like Zooey and think she wouldn't attach to something really bad.

Terra Nova: The Spielberg produced futuristic family among dinosaurs drama makes me nervous, but I have to watch at least the pilot. The preview did not impress me, but I'm still hopeful.

What will YOU be watching this Fall?


  1. I too want to watch "New Girl." I also watched the first episode of "Ringer," the new Sarah Michelle Geller show. Not sure if that one will sustain, but I'll give it another episode.

  2. I'll be watching my usuals, Castle, Psych and a few new ones: The New Girl and I might try Terra Nova. Since we don't have TV I either watch with friends or online so we'll see.

  3. Watched The New Girl last night and LOVED it.

  4. I watched 'new girl' too! I'll definitely give it a few more episodes. What station are the others on?