Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blah and Destiny

I just read the last two days worth of posts. (My husband was home and I don't get a lot of computer time when he's around.)
Before reading them I was hoping to say "Blah" and be done with it.  But my dear friends and Inkers sparked a thought.
Gearing up for LTUE my husband took Friday off so I could go all three days.  Then, as we near the days, all sorts of family obligations have come up that are impeding my complete attendance.
So, I am destined to become a published author.  However, I am also destined to be a great mother.  I must balance the two great destinies.  By being true to both possibilities I can become great.  Some days may take juggling, some days may mean having a 5 year old sitting next to me at LTUE, and some days may mean missing out on dinners with authors so that I can catch an hour of my boy playing ball.
It isn't easy and there is no magic ball that can direct us.  However there is help and if done well it can lead to a satisfying life.  For me, I realized that in 6 months my youngest will be in school.  I will have a few hours a day with no kids around.  Maybe I need to spend the next six months prepping for my Superbowl.  I may not be the first, I may not be the best, but I will not give up.  There may be seasons when I just think about writing, but I still won't give up.  The dream is out there and if I continue to believe it will never die.
May we all reach our destiny, without compromising what's important. 


  1. Good perspective DJ. Life is the great balancing act and you do a lot, well.

  2. DJ, you do a great job of balancing everything and i'm sure we could all learn a few lessons from you :)