Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympic Moms

Things Mom's should get Olympic medals for:

Speed skating--In this Mom event you slide across a surface...not necessarily slippery to save a child or your upholstery from disaster.

Sick Child Marathon--A 26.1 hour marathon of nursing, soothing or comforting a sick child with no sleep, no aid stations, and no foreseeable finish line. Platinum medals need to be invented for this event.

Downhill Super G--In this Super G Moms are required to stop an avalanche of laundry from consuming an otherwise clean room.

These are just a few events Moms face everyday that no one is handing out medals for but someone should be.

What other events do you think deserve medals?


  1. There should be a cooking one in there and a bill-paying one in there and a cleaning one in there and...

  2. THIEF! I want everyone to know that this was my idea. After displaying my mad reflexes in the car yesterday, my son and my car escaped a vomit shower quite cleanly. In fact, the whole episode was amazingly pristine.

  3. How about a diaper changing competition where Moms have to change diapers in a variety of situations - in the car, at a restaurant with no changing table in the restroom, in the outdoors, etc. AND, who could do it the fastest without getting dirty.

  4. Ha hA Ha. I think there is also the drop off and pick up event where you have to deliver 3 kids to three different venues all at the same time and pick them up.

    Also the sewing relays. You child tells you the night before they need a costume for their report and it's 60% of their grade.

    Cookie Capers: Same as above but food instead.

    Homework Helpers: Help with algebra, book reports, and letter recognition all at the same time. All skill levels are at the same table and all needing help immediatley.

    And one of my favorites: The Sunday Morning Parade--getting all children looking decent also making sure they are fed and you also must look remarkable!!

    We are amazing are we not?