Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dinner with Dan Wells, Delightful!

There is nothing quite like eating raw fish with a horror author. Thankfully, dinner with the Inkers and author Dan Wells and his charming wife did not include deadly blow fish. Rather we all enjoyed fantastic sushi and delved into the depths of Dan's writing knowledge.
Photos will be provided once the Tart who is visiting this week for LTUE figures out how to get them onto my computer.
For now you we will focus not on the loveliness of the dinner party, but rather the fabulous advice that Dan and his wife shared. I think even they will be surprised at how much they taught us.
Wisdom over sushi:
Dan's pearls of wisdom included, 'Allow yourself to write a bad book and move on', 'Self motivation is an important attribute for a writer', take yourself seriously. When Dan met his wife, for the second time, he told her that he was going to be a fantasy writer. She was impressed with his confidence and frankly so am I, and then she read an essay he had written for his English class and said, "This guy is going to get published." (Imagine wide grin here.)
Write as much as you can.
Dawn's wisdom:
Balance is important, writers need time to write and they also need to be with their families. She also backed all of Dan's advice with example of his writing that she has read but may never be published.

Thanks to Dan and Dawn for an awesome dinner. Those of you going to LTUE be sure to go to Dan's Pacing and Story Structure class Friday at Noon AND Dawn's panel on living with an artist (Yes, creepy but likable horror author are artists too.)

SEE you in PROVO!!!


  1. After reading I Am Not A Serial Killer, I was a little nervous sitting next to Dan at the table, fearful he would suddenly channel John Wayne Cleaver and have an impulse to ram his chopstick into my eyeball or something similarly gruesome. However, he was normal (at least on the exterior), entertaining, and provided great insights into a career in writing. His wife Dawn was lovely, and it was nice to hear the spouse's perspective. Thanks again to the Wells' for hanging out with us.

  2. It was so great to sit with you guys today. Thanks for being so awesome to me!

    Wise and great advice from Dan and Dawn. I can't wait to hear what they have to say at LTUE.

  3. What's up with the stupid ads linking into our blog? I think we might have to look into that.

  4. Dan and Dawn were fabulous! I must admit, Dan really married up. He is one lucky guy :)