Monday, February 8, 2010

The Power Of Destiny

Perhaps you watched the Superbowl last night. Perhaps not. If you weren't among the 100 million viewers, major spoiler alert: the New Orleans Saints won.

I love football. I would have watched the season concluding game no matter who played. But I found something of particular interest this year.

Every player of the New Orleans Saints felt destined to win.

Four and a half years ago, Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, flooding over 80% of the city and calling for the first ever mandatory evacuation. But not everyone got out. In these desperate circumstances, the Superdome, stadium of the Saints, sheltered over 30,000 people. The stadium, and by extension, the team became a symbol of hope. The Superbowl was more than just a game. To the people of New Orleans, it was a message that the city was alive and well, a message delivered to the nation in the form of a football team.

I find the concept of "destiny" fascinating. Was the team really destined to win? Or was it simply a clever coaching ploy to make the players feel like they couldn't lose? Did fate have a hand in the game? Or were they just the better team?

I believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe in destiny of a sort. I believe we can accomplish what we know, in our hearts, we are meant to do. I am going to be a published author (see, there is my positive thinking/destiny speaking). Bear with me as I tie this into a football analogy:

While destiny may have played a part, it certainly wouldn't have been enough for the Saints to win. They had to put in the work as well.

1st, training camp. I'll compare this to writers conferences. These help develop the skill set necessary to accomplish your goals.
2nd, practice. The team runs the same drills and same plays, over and over again. This is like writing and editing. Tedious? Maybe. But it'll make you better.
3rd, working together as a team a.k.a writers group. I love the Inkers. I wouldn't be anywhere near my goals if I didn't have a team that supported me.
4th, playing a great season, and the best *entire* 60 minute ever. I can write great things. Chapters upon chapters of flowing poetry. But if I never finish my novel, then I don't even have a chance to play in the Superbowl.

We are all destined to do something. What do you feel destined to do? Let's all put in the work necessary to become what we want to be.


  1. So I've been watching Avatar: The last airbender cartoon and destiny definitely plays a role in the development of the characters but so does hard work and training.
    I love the football analogy and here is my take on it. Destiny is great but if you don't show up then destiny never has a chance.
    I will be a published author. I'm willing to do the bootcamp, training, practice and cross the finish line. Now if I show up then destiny can do her stuff and bring the right people into my life to help my dreams come true.

  2. I agree. I believe you have things within you that can help you achieve your destiny, but must exert your will and choice to make it happen.

  3. I'd love to be down in N.E. for Mardis Gras this year. What a party that will be!

  4. WHO DAT? Hooray for the Saints!

    Great post, Deb. I love that you said it isn't all destiny--it's also hard work. They go hand in hand, I think. As for me, I believe you're "destined" for greatness.

  5. Great post, Deb!

    I have to take a timeout to say that I love this blog because it is so very forward thinking. Quite positive and inspirational. :)

    I agree with the hard work + destiny equation. Now what's that saying? The key to work

  6. Yeah, L.T. Who dat, indeed!

    Kirk, you can be in New England, but I'll be in N.O. :)

    Arlene, don't sound so surprised that I wrote something positive, ha ha.

    As for all the commenters, There isn't a single one of you that I don't believe in. May our hard work ad destiny pay off.

  7. I envy those that can answer your question without giving it much thought. That is destiny. There are days I feel my destiny is to wander around searching for my destiny. Hmm...