Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Into the Fire!

Have you ever noticed how facinating a fire is? Not in a pyromaniac-I-can't-live-without-it way, but in the skittering flashes of color that are gone almost before your brain can register them, cool campfire way.

I could tell you a long and probably not-super-interesting-to-anyone-but-the-Inkers story about how we sat around the fire pit last night and sacrificed our stress to the karma gods, BUT instead I want to talk about the fire and not us.

I started to think of ways that we use the word fire. It is a simple non-profane four letter word that can convey emotions from hatred to passion and destruction to rebirth. Such a versatile little word and often so unexchangeable.

Here are some phrases that came to mind:
"We didn't start the ...."
"My hearts on ...."
"Someone yelled .... and cleared the building."
"My soul's on ...."
"He had a .... in his belly."
Now try to use a substitute like combustion or inferno, or flame. They just seem wrong.
Sometimes a thing just is what it is...Fire and as simple as it seems it really is the word that works best.
Hit us with some of your campfire stories...I know you've got some.


  1. That camp fire was a great shot-in-the-arm. I'll think on some stories . . .

  2. Burned shoes...
    Flaming marshmallows...
    Coal-tipped poker sticks...

  3. Nothing like throwing life's stresses into the fire.

    Burn stress, burn!

  4. I've had a lot of good campfire moments. One of them was just before my brother went on his mission and we discussed life, God, and choice. It was one of those moments that you couldn't remove from the place and time and put it anywhere else because it was so rare.

  5. I wish I could say, "I'm on fire!" - - eeks, I think I need to go build one too. Spring sucks the life out of me (when it comes to writing).