Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sushi gut and Barnes and Noble

Come to find out, I have a sickness that can only be cured by eating A LOT of sushi. Right when I think I've had my fill, I realize that I in fact have no limit to the amount of sushi I can consume in a one month period. Case in point: I went out for sushi last night with one of my best friends, happily stuffing my face until I couldn't breath, but I'm already excited for the sushi I'll be consuming this weekend when Scott and I go out for our anniversary. :) Once we were done gorging ourselves, we hauled ourselves over to Barnes and Noble to walk it off. This was a long overdue trip since I'd been meaning to go and get all of the copies of "I am NOT a Serial Killer" off the shelves and place them in strategic places in the store so that people will see it and buy it. (mwahahahahahah) I'm pleased to report that our covert marketing tactics were not impeded. May you all have fans as dedicated as me once you're published. :)


  1. I have that same sickness, Arlene, only curable by good sushi and more cowbell...


    I drove past the all you can eat sushi bar today and almost stopped in just for a roll . . . YUMM-O.

  3. I got the sushi rug pulled out from me today when I was promised a sushi work lunch and the plan got changed to Cafe Rio.

    Major disappointment.

    Dan should pay you a commission Arlene. ;)

  4. I wish!

    But I think it's more fun this way.