Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Today I am spring cleaning (even though it is snowing).  Part of that is putting books in the library instead of my night stand.

I am a Stephenie Meyer fan.  (There I said it.)  I just reread The Host and cried on the "last" page, even though I've read the book at least 4 times and knew there was more.  I really love her books.  They have their own section in my basement library.  Unitl today.

Bree Despain's The Dark Divine is now on that beloved shelf, instead of residing on my over-crowded nightstand.  It's been living there since I bought it last January.

This shelf has the books that I return to when I need a major escape.  The Dark Divine totally fits the bill.  If you have not read it . . . What are you waiting for?  It is amazing.
This shelf is front and center, just where it needs to be when I am in "need" of them.

What are your escape books?  Where do you keep them?


  1. I love The Dark Divine. And even better, I love Bree Despain. She is such a great person. This book should be on everyone's reading list.

  2. I love the Dark Divine too. It was on my night stand for months as well. I keep my escape books close. I got a night stand with a shelf just so I could tuck my favorite books under there. Georgette Heyer books reside there year round. I've read them all at least 3 times and I still keep 5 or 6 around at any given time. I should really rotate them again. Thanks for the reminder DJ.

  3. Hmmmmm...Escape books....

    I pick up The Lord of the Rings way too often. Other favorites are: anything Jane Austen, occasionally Harry Potter. I think I could revisit Mistborn fairly frequently once I own my copies. The thing is, I like to revisit books a lot. It just depends on my mood. But more often than not, if I'm looking for a serious zone out I pop in a Bourne movie or something similar.

  4. Ditto the Jane Austen. I love Bridget Jones' Diary when I need a laugh. I confess I have Twilight on my nightstand right now because obviously the romance in that story is loved by a lot of people and I needed inspiration for the romantic scenes in my book. I also love the wit of Dorothy Parker.

  5. I just squeezed Austenland in as well :)