Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shot in the Arm

Last night was our monthly writers' group.  We talked about pitch sessions again (since three of us are doing pitch sessions at LDS Storymakers).  We also talked about how hard its been to fit writing into our hectic lives.
Part of what makes our writiers' group so great is we are all in a similiar situation.  We are all parents, we are all involved in our church, we are all involved in our community, etc.  Sometimes it can get really depressing when we don't have time to write as much as we would like to.  Sometimes we get discouraged.

Donna sent out an email this morning cheering us on.  Telling us we need to find a shot in the arm to get us motivated again.  We need to make writing FUN! 

What do you do to get you motivated?  What boosts you up when your feeling sluggish?

Last week was Spring Break and I was camping in Moab with my family. (You might have noticed there was no post last Wednesday--sorry.)  That was a great shot in the arm.  We spent our time in the sun (vitamin D is awesome) and hiked and ignored all the pressures of home.  Now I am ready to shake off winter's dreggs and move into spring.  That was one great shot in the arm.

Let's hear it!  What moves you?


  1. Doing our Writing Magic workshops with the elementary students was great inspiration over the last year. When I thought it was too hard to go on I would hear one of them share a really cool passage and get pumped to use my imagination.

    Showers help when I am stuck and my writing gets stinky.

    Writing something small that I know I can finish in one sitting is always good too.

    MOSTLY I get a lot of energy from reading the great stuff that my friends are working on. Blush said it in an email earlier and its true when I'm reading fun chapters it gets me excited to share my own writing as well.

  2. Definitely reading good things, either published or non-published motivates me.

    But lately something that has motivated me are several books I have started to read, but for various reasons not finished. It drives me to finish my book because if for no other reason, it's a story I'd enjoy reading.

  3. Getting out to live definitely helps refuel my desire to write. I find that I can't do one without the other.

    So glad you got your shot in the arm! Happy spring and see you at the conference!