Saturday, June 26, 2010

Casting Call

Since I am in the midst of reading the Hunger Games series and loving it (as mentioned in my post before last), I was curious about plans for a Hunger Games movie. After doing some brief research, I discovered there are quite a few rabid fans out there who have taken the time to post videos on YouTube which depict their idea of the perfect cast.

I must say I was appalled at some of the casting choices in the couple of videos I watched. Goes to show, even with the descriptions detailed by the author, everyone sees things their own way when reading a novel.

Here is a link to one of them:

Then, I read an article from the LA Times ( which proposed actresses who should be considered to play Katniss, and about gagged when the writer suggested Kristen Stewart. I know she's all hot because of Twilight but she is one of the most annoying actresses I have ever seen. Her emotional range goes from sullen to really sullen, and her off-screen personality is no better.

I would like to see unknown actors cast for most of the roles (as long as they could really act and not just look the part - ahem Twilight), with some famous names in supporting parts such as Haymitch, Katniss's Mom, Cinna, and maybe President Snow. The idea of Johnny Depp playing Haymitch is interesting, and I bet he could pull it off, but physically he's not a great match. I would suggest Russell Crowe, although he's not usually a supporting player. For Cinna I could agree with James McAvoy. For Katniss's Mom I'd love Sally Field, but she's too old, so I'll say Marion Cotillard. President Snow could be done well by Liam Neeson, just off the top of my head.

Anyway, there are a lot of strong opinions out there, so it should be interesting when the cast is announced. However, although I am loving the series, I am not so obsessive as to create a video about it. Although, I guess I have now blogged about it twice. Hmmm.


  1. If Kristin Stewart was cast as Katniss, I might have to vomit. And curse. And binge on some chocolate. I will openly admit that I think she is a terrible actress. She can hardly speak a sentence without pausing or making babbling noises. And not only that, I don't think her puny arms could draw a bow string without a bone snapping.

  2. I agree: No Kristen Stewart!!
    Liked the video except for Taylor Lautner as Gale. I liked the second choice for Peeta and I think Johnny Depp could totally pull of Haymitch.

    Can't wait to see what happens.

  3. I didn't follow the link (will do in a minute) but I LOVE James McAvoy. I haven't seen him in much, but he makes me weak in the knees.

    Amen on Kristen Stewart. I was watching a Eclipse Special with Jimmy Kimmel and the only actor who was engaging was Taylor Lutner.

  4. Seriously, Johnny Depp is so beautiful. I am so happy just looking at those beautiful men. :)

    Yeah, not so much for taylor. But the guy they chose for Ceasar is perfect. I smiled at a lot of the choices.