Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sushi Night and Writers Group

Tonight is sushi night!!  All you can eat sushi for our writers group (and all of us are together).  This may be the most serendipitous thing about us: We all love sushi.  How cool is that?

Now a few reminders about us: We consist of 1 man and 5 women and we all reside in Utah with the exception of Arlene, who lives in Reno.

The last time we went to All-You-Can-Eat Sushi, it was Valentines weekend.  In walks tall, innocent-looking Kirk with 4 women (Linda missed it that time) and NO other men.  I swear we got looks and assumptions were made.  We became somewhat loud (Debbie!) and we got even more looks.

I will report later on how it goes.  Tonight should be even more interesting because we are each sharing 5 pages of writing.  So, not only will it be a man out with 5 women, but we will be reading fiction out loud, in a sushi house.  I wonder how many looks we'll get! It is all worth it though for SUSHI!!


  1. It was yummy, but I don't think we got as many looks this time. Maybe that's because we all arrived at different times and it wasn't Valentines. :)

    LOVED listening to everyone's five pages! And congratulations to Debbie for being sooooooo close to being done with her rough draft. I can't wait to read it cover-to-cover!

  2. Yeah, good times, and it was fun to hear everyone's sample and to see the restaurant owner's eyes bug out when we asked for more sushi.

    (Just like all of your eyes are bugging out after seeing I actually READ THE BLOG today.) :)

  3. Great food, great writing, great company -- as perfect a combination as the sushi itself.

    I'd like to personally welcome the new follower to our blog, Kirk L. Shaw. Hope you enjoy! ;)

  4. Amen about the eyes bugging out. I didn't think Kirk really cared . . .

    It was a terrific night (even though I went home with a hurting belly--I think I shoveled the first round of sushi a little too fast).

  5. It must have been a momentus occasion because no one has blogged since. I have all the photo proof of the Sushi night. I just might share if you are lucky.