Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh the Media

In a random conversation with myself (yes, I talk to myself--now go away, you are interupting) I thought about menopause.  I realized that I first learned about menopause from the Cosby show.  It got me wondering what things have you first "learned" about from TV or Movies?


  1. I learned from an episode of Star Trek that drugs are baaaaaaad. Except these drugs came in the form of a video game, and the only one not playing it was Wesley Crusher, 'cause he sucked at it. The video game was actually taking over their minds. But then Data came in and saved the day.

    Okay so it wasn't really about drugs, it was about the virtues of always having a robot nearby.

  2. Geek moment-I totally watched that episode! Haha!

    Oddly enough, I remember an episode of Star Trek that tackled the subject of gay and lesbian behavior. I don't remember all the details of the episode, but I do remember having a good conversation about it with my dad afterward.

  3. That's great, DJ. I'm not sure if this is family friendly or not, but I'll never forget watching (with my parents) "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" for the first time. The scene is like this. Present Bill and Ted run into future Bill and Ted in a gas station parking lot. To prove they are the actual Bill and Ted's, they are asked what their favorite number is. Future Bill and Ted both say, "69, dudes!" At the time, I didn't understand the significance of that number. It didn't take me long to find out. Not from my parents, but from my friends.

  4. A term that is being widely used in the media now is "tea baggers", referring to people who are part of the tea party political movement. It is apparently a reference to a sexual act, which is graphic enough they cannot explain it on TV. I have no idea what it is and am happy the media still has some limits, so that I may remain naive on this one.

    DJ, I would however, like to hear more about your menopause conversation with yourself. ;)

  5. I know what a "T-bagger" is, Linda. All it took was playing Xbox Live one night and I had a whole new vocabulary.

    You don't want to know :)

  6. I think this conversation has taken a turn for the worse. :)

  7. I learned a lot from TV especially Sesame Street and Kids Inc. Like I learned that Count Dracula can not only count spookily to 12 but he also turns into a bat...who knew.

  8. My conversation wasn't that exciting. I was remembering an old joke:

    Womens troubles:
    Mental Illness

    Why is it that they all begin with men?

    (I think I am forgetting one of them) From there it went to the Cosby episode where their mom was starting "the change" and they were all worried it would turn their mom crazy.