Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Movie Magic

Today I fulfilled my parental duty and watched "The Sound of Music" with my kids.  It is one of my favorite movies.  In 9th grade I did a report on  movies and I learned that Sound of Music helped to heal some of the hurt from a war 20 years earlier.

As I watched it I was amazed at the story.  Yes, it has lots of schmultz and saccharine.  Kids, music, and nuns add up to some very sweet goodness, and having the Nazi's be the evil is almost a stereotype.  But it really happened.

I was amazed at the sub-arcs.  Having the teenagers start in love and end with him turning her family over to the enemy.  And the try-fail cycles--wow!  It was a great reminder to me to strengthen my plot. 

Plus it is just a feel good movie.  I actually cried at parts.  Go watch it!


  1. Ooooh it's been a while since I've watched it. It's time for me to dust it off.

  2. That's how I felt. Watching it as an adult was different and good.

  3. Confession time. As a child I used to sit with the Sound of Music record (on vinyl) and sing my poor little out of tune voice out on a regular basis. I think I still know just about every word to every song. :)

  4. A couple of years ago I went to a high school production of The Sound Of Music. Maria was great. Everyone else needed to spend more time in the hills....that were alive....with the sound of music.

  5. I loved that movie. As a writer I'm always learning from the classics.