Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Is competition "good" for the creative soul?


  1. I'm not sure. In the drive to be "first" or "have the most" do you sacrifice quality?

    On the other hand, a little competition does a body good to get said body off the couch and working on something that the brain, attached to the body, knows how to do.

    What do you think?

  2. Competition is neither good nor bad in and of itself. It is how we deal with the opportunity to compete that is important.

    For my kids it can be the best thing ever if they compete to win a prize and everyone works super hard. They learn a lot and most of the time their rooms get cleaned.
    For one friend of my son, competition is like an anti-motivator. If he thinks someone else might win he just quits while he's ahead.

    I like a little competition mixed with the support of my friends. If my competitiveness overtakes my willingness to be supportive or to accept help, then it is time to stop competing.

  3. I agree. Competition as motivation = good. If winning is the only acceptable goal = bad. A lot can be learned from just being part of the race.

  4. I like competition... At least, I like witnessing competition. When I am the one competing it can have a very negative effect on me, so I try to avoid it. The exception to this is when I'm playing a sport like soccer. Then I love to compete! Writing, on the other hand...mmmmm I don't know. I'd rather hole up somewhere for X amount of weeks and see what I come up with as a motivator than compete with someone else to see how much I can get done...if that makes any sense....

  5. Linda, your saying "A lot can be learned from just being part of the race" is quotable. I may have to put it on my son's wall in vinyl (He wants a racing room).

    I'm still undecided. It is such a personal thing. Which is really what art comes down to. Your personal self poured into whatever medium you chose to work with.

    I do need a good kick in the pants every so often.

    Let the discussion continue--I haven't made up my mind yet. :)

  6. Wow, DJ. Thanks. My words in vinyl is almost as good as being published. :)