Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photogenic vs photophobic

You asked for photos, did you not? Well here's proof that I'm not photophobic. The pictures from Sushi were really just BAD!

Plus the other Inkers haven't seen these yet. So I can brag about my photogenic friends. Check out Deb's skirt in the red. DJ totally sewed that for her the night before the conference cause she is super nice that way.


  1. My head looks huge.Can you get lipo on your head?

  2. Whatever, Linda! You look great!

    What conference are these pics from, Donna?

  3. They were taken at the Friday night dinner at LDS Storymakers conf in April. We missed you tons, Tart.

  4. Wow...I'm practically snuggling with Dave Farland. How did that happen??