Thursday, July 15, 2010

Never Give Up!

So I'm supposed to be achieving the first of my New Year's resolutions in three and a half weeks when I will run a 1/2 marathon. This goal has been on my agenda since, you guessed it, Jan. 1, 2010. Its been on the calendar since March and the training is going about as well as my writing this year...inconsistent at best.

What is a girl supposed to do when faced with a huge task and very little time? Give up? Throw in the towel and say, "Better luck next time. Maybe next year my schedule won't be so packed, and I'll fit in a diet and some training?"
That's what I myself. Then I remember Howard Tayler's advice. "It's hard to get worse at something you do every day." And I spoke with KBC (Kick Butt Coach) LIZZ, who said, "You could finish the half marathon today if you HAD to do it. So the question is do you want to do it or not?" (paraphrased that a little).

If you have met me, then you probably know that giving up on something that I want is very very difficult for me. In fact, I'd walk 13.1 miles and take all day to do it rather than admit defeat.

Lizz is right. I could walk the half marathon today if I had to (or if someone offered me enough chocolate.) So what did I do?

I set up a crash course of training, made a salad and ran 3 miles. Resolution #1 watch out cause I'm coming.

Next it's on to Resolution #2-write another novel.
Tell us about goals you are not going to give up on, despite the odds and life and such.


  1. I have a goal to take my *%##-$#%@-!#%#'in medication and not miss a dose. But it is a shot, it sucks, I feel like crap when I take it. But I am going to take care of myself and take one in the butt!

  2. Go Donna, Go! I know you can do it. You are right, when you set your mind on something you are unstoppable. Don't forget it.

    Atta girl DJ. Take that pain head on. Or, make that butt on.

    For me my most pressing goal remains to finish the novel. It is a goal that has haunted me for too long, and this is the year I do it.

  3. Finish two more novels this year and get one under contract before I go insane

  4. Nice pic Graham--How old were you when that album came out? Cause I was 14 . . . and I am old.

    Do we need to prepare and intervention to keep Graham from insanity?

  5. So I just clicked on Graham's pic. Little it looks like the Nirvana Album cover. :) Maybe re-think that one :) I'm just sayin'