Friday, July 30, 2010

Golden Authors

Just wanted to drop a short note to all you aspiring authors out there. I work with some amazing authors--authors with style and class and who understand how the publishing process works and what an editor does to bend over backward and help his authors. There are a few authors, on rare occasion (thank goodness), who do not respect editors.

My message today is that the degree to which you, as authors and even aspiring/submitting authors, respect your editor is the degree to which they will mortgage their reputation and clout to get your book published and give you every advantage of a successful release into the market.

Be one of those golden authors that every editor dreams about.

Be a champ.


  1. Way to post Sir-Kirk-A-Lot!!

    What a good reminder. We need to be nice so others will be nice to us. :)

  2. Professional courtesy is important in any field, but I can see how a good working relationship with the editor could make or break an author.

    Sometimes artistic types can get in a mindset where they think only they are able to see the "vision" of their work and everyone else is wrong. It's important to be able to trust someone who has a good track record to help you along.

  3. Ditto what Linda said--in the arts, everything is about emotion and how you treat people. If you treat an editor like crap, I can only imagine how your book will come out :-)

  4. OK already I get the message, Kirk. Geez. =)