Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In Your Dreams

I can tell that my writers' group is working.  All the things taught are finally sinking in.

How, you ask, can I tell?  Is it because my writing is getting better? No.  Is it because I am able to outline a better story? No.  Are my characters more real or dimensional? No. 

It is because last night my dream had a full story arc.  It had a begining, middle, and end.  It had antagonists, protagonist, cool side characters, unexpected dialogue, and a great ending.  The characters all grew and changed.  It could have been a movie.  It even had a begining-of-act-three montage.  I was totally blown away that I had such a complete dream.  All the Inkers' efforts must be paying off.


  1. I know I already emailed this to you, but I dreamed that I decapitated a zombie the other night. It was exhilarating.

  2. I once had a dream that I ran around in my swimsuit frosting Jenga pieces. Not sure that dream had an arc, but it was certainly vivid.

  3. I've always had weird dreams. I can still remember dreams that I had when I was 7 (I tried to put that one down into a picture book--but it didn't have an arc :)

    I've even had dreams about places that I've never been to, and then when I moved I saw the place. Creepy.

  4. Good job DJ. Way to process that structure all the way to your subconscious.

    I often want to document dreams that I have as possible fodder for future stories, but never do. Need to keep that notebook at the bedside...

  5. That's great.

    I feel my critique group is working when they find a flaw in my writing. I'm so grateful that they see things that I'm too close to see.