Saturday, September 4, 2010


I grew up watching The Price is Right and often fantasized about the moment when I would have a chance to win A BRAND NEW CAR. Well, I had that chance today. I was one of 100 people who qualified for the chance to win a new car, courtesy of a local radio station. About 40 of us showed up at the car dealership in Ogden, UT to see who would be the lucky one to drive home the prize.

We waited a couple of hours for the big moment, with hubby and I struggling to keep the kids happy in the heat with the provided free hot dogs, an inflatable attraction, and the requisite booming music.

The longer we were there, I started to feel a bit silly for participating in such an event. Although I held no real expectation of winning, I wanted to come because the odds were decent and I didn't have to embarrass myself by performing a typical radio stunt such as a pie eating contest, karoke, or similar. I was there simply because of filling out a form and having my name drawn.

As luck would have it, the station decided to draw a few more names for the contest from those in attendance and hubby was chosen to compete.

The procedure was, those who qualified were given a CD and would take turns putting their disc into the car's player until one announced the winner. Somehow, in the process of distributing the CDs, hubby was skipped and the station employees went into a mild tizzy trying to figure out where their mistake was.

Unable to rectify it, they took us aside and promised us free tickets to an upcoming concert as an apology/bribe not to make a fuss. Hubby and I, not ones to pitch a fit unless there is more serious injury, accepted the deal.

I proceeded to line up with the other hopefuls, everyone clutching their CDs in anticipation. A woman who was first in line slid into the driver's seat, popped in her disc, and all the bells and whistles indicating the winning entry went off. I guess the deejays have something to learn about building suspense.

Although I left sans new car, we were happy to get something for our efforts, unlike the rest of the disgruntled group. I was also happy to note I had observed the woman who won reading Mockingjay while we waited for the contest to begin. At least I lost to a fellow reader of quality material.


  1. When I see someone reading something that I loved, I feel like I am seeing a kindred friend in the stranger. :)

    How cool that you got free tickets. What a funny story.

  2. I went through a similar car giveaway in Reno with the same cd plan, only it was much more suspenseful in that the person to go before me won the car. I was disappointed, but mollified with a $100 gift card to Walmart. So it might as well have been cash. However, I felt no special bond with the fellow entrants and I freely admit to thinking contrary thoughts about the person who won. :)

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