Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Earl is approaching.

So my question is: If you had to evacuate, what would you grab?

For me: After my family and dog were safe I would take with me: wedding pics, all my picture CD's, my thumb drive, (laptop if possible--it has all my stories on it), my framed sand dollar, the book of letters from Steve, two of my favorite necklaces (I swear those two calm me down and if I am evacuating, I need calm).

My kids would have their own lists.  One would grab his collection of Hot Wheels, one would grap books, and my "baby" (who is almost 6) would try to take all her toys.

I'm not sure what my husband would grab. I may have to ask him later today.  That may be good deep thinking time together. :)

Well, what would you grab?

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  1. The good thing about hurricanes verses say a fire or flood is that you get some good grab time before the evacuation.

    So give a little time I would grab the following:
    My Family (given)
    Princess (and her dog food)
    My scriptures, and my Jane Austen books.
    My folder of important documents. (Living with a resident alien makes documents very important.)
    Pictures, other books, shoes for the kids etc would be next.