Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time and Travel...not time travel.

Time: We all have the exact same amount of it in a day so I'm told. Although if you board a plane in LA and fly to, let's say, Japan then you actually don't get the same amount because in the 12 hours it took you to fly you will go back 16 hours in time and arrive 4 hours before you left. If you stay in Japan you have added 4 hours to your life but if you leave you have to pay the piper and you loose all that time again. I know it doesn't seem fair but time waits for no man.

Because I have family back East we travel back sometimes and find that we have lost two hours. I like to lose them at night because it seems easier that way but still they're gone until we fly home and get them back, which I like to do in the day time cause then I feel more productive...see how that little cheat works? Out at night and lose sleep, back in the day and gain two hours to unpack.

Maybe there is something to this whole time travel thing after all.
What's your take on time and travel?


  1. Interesting analysis--I have the same problem driving between Henderson and Provo, though it's only an hour's difference. You guys can make up the time by listening to an audiobook though! :-d

  2. True, you could listen to an audiobook, but come to find out, reading out loud to each other is loads of fun, too. My friend and I did that with Mockingjay on the way to Chicago last weekend. LOVED IT!!!!!