Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stop the invisible cows!

This photo has very little to do with my story but it made me laugh.

So I drove by a stop sign today that I have driven by several times before...and by several I mean almost weekly for 4 years, so about 200 times. And if you caught that I drove by without stopping that's because the sign is not on the road I drive on. It's next to the road at what should be an intersection. The only problem is I just noticed today that there is no intersecting road.

In my digital distraction, child screaming, radio tuning drives by in the past, I've assumed it was a dirt road intersecting with the main road and hence a stop sign on the edge of this field.
NO ROAD, folks.

I was driving with my two youngest children 7 and 4 today when I saw it.
I said, "Hey there's no road there. Just a stop sign."
Daughter: "Maybe it's for the invisible road, with the invisible cars."
Me: "I hope they watch where they're going cause I can't see them."
Son: "No, Mom. It's for the cows. The invisible ones."
Daughter to son: "Stop acting like you know everything."
Me: "If there invisible, why isn't the stop sign invisible too?"
Silence in the back seat for 10 seconds...bliss.

So does anyone out there want to tell me why a stop sign would be out in a field with no road leading to it? Feel free to be creative. As you may have guessed, the rest of the drive home I was distracted with stories of spacial rifts and invisible cattle-flying.


  1. Lol!

    I loved the kids' comments, but the fact that a hole was dug and a sign put up in the first place is hilarious!