Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I was in the shower this morning (where I do my best thinking), reliving various moments of the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. Now, you have to understand that I finished reading Mockingjay about a week ago, so the fact that I'm still thinking about it should be an indicator to you all how fantastic this series is. Specifically, Collins' ability to bring a very unique intensity and reality to the world she created. My dad served in Vietnam...twice. It's not something he has talked about much in the past, but recently, as he's dealt with the post-traumatic stress disorder that has plagued him most of his life, he has opened up about some of the experiences he remembers and still dreams about. It is these experiences that he has shared that my brain jumps to when I read the Hunger Games series. How does a person come through in the end, intact and whole? The answer is: they don't. But it's not all bad either. Decisions are made and lived with and life keeps going. This series encompasses what, I think, most people are willing to fight for. More humanity. More peace. It's just that so much is sacrificed to achieve that end...

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  1. It is a very haunting series. I think about it often. It's a good reminder that even those who don't die in war sacrifice a lot to preserve our freedoms.