Saturday, November 27, 2010

Breaking Points

Black Friday shopping this year seemed more intense than ever. Perhaps due to the struggling economy, there was a higher level of desperation in the air to get those good bargains. Even though I'm a veteran Black Friday shopper (although not of the variety of camping out overnight), the rabidity I witnessed at the local large-mart was a little disturbing.

It caused me to think about people's breaking points and the aftermath. I've almost reached the place in my novel where my main character hits her breaking point, instigating some major changes in her life. Breaking points usually lead to change, either for better or worse. In my fellow shoppers, the worse were the folks who at the stroke of midnight decided to push and nearly trample people to get to a $12 scooter, the better was the guy who turned and handed me back a scooter as I fought my urge to push back on those around me.

As I approach this section of my novel, I've been wondering if the events that trigger my character's breaking point are strong enough. I think they are, but we'll see when it's on the page. Really though, after the spectacle of Black Friday, it reaffirmed my belief that there is a lot of suppressed angst in human beings, and it doesn't always take something major to bring someone to their breaking point.


  1. I too went Black Friday shopping. I would tell you about my experience, but the gag order I've been placed under prevents me from sharing those horrific images.

  2. I enjoyed the human angst on Black Friday. It was so bad at the Large Mart I visited that people couldn't wait til midnight and 10 minutes early the lines were broken. Even my sweet tempered husband yanked, tucked, and rolled to acheive his means.

    I am so excited to read you WIP. The bits I've heard are great.

  3. Skipped the chaos again this year and proud of it. No black Friday shopping for me.