Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feelin' Good

I am amazed.  Blown-out-of-the-water feeling good.

Why,  you ask am I feeling this great?

Let me tell you.  I was ready to cut my writing wrists.  Or maybe that is a bit drastic.  How about I was ready to end my writing relationship.  There was no love, no joy.  I wondered if I was only staying in this relationship for the parties.  I was about to walk out of this commitment like a Hollywood starlet and her husband of the week. Turn my back and never open that door again.  There were no new ideas.  No love for projects half finished.  I expressed some of those feelings here.

And then, I had a dream. (Which I hesitate to mention.  One person said "Like stephenie meyer?")  And with the dream came an idea.  And with the idea a story.  And in the story some great lines that restore my faith in myself and this writing relationship.

So I am working on my short story for LTUE.  Are you?


  1. Excellent! That is most inspiring. I think Jeff Savage and Aprilynne Pike were at that same point somewhere along the line in their careers, and they're doing pretty well now. Way to be, DJ!

    Do you have a link to the LTUE short story contest?

  2. Never surrender!

    I love the track you're on. Keep movin'!

  3. I have not heard someone say "way to be" in forever. Thanks for the flashback, Graham.

    DJ your new project is so awesome, I can tell you are writing about things you love. Your descriptions are awesome. It is inspirational to see how your craft has begun to jive with all that creativity you have. (that probably makes no sense to anyone else but I hope you get what I mean.)
    And with you there is never a shortage of jealous-making story ideas.

    can't wait to read more.

  4. Yay, DJ!! You're so inspiring! And funny. :)