Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm smack in the middle of writing infidelity. I have a total of three projects going right now, a book that is so close to being done I could sneeze on my keyboard and finish, another book in the beginning stages, and a short story that I'm about halfway through.

So why all the projects?

I enjoy the infatuation of a new idea, the first attraction to something I could fall in love with. It's fun and exciting, learning more about my characters, finding out how they'll deal with their conflict, and how they will overcome. But once I've fallen in love, and gotten to know the characters better, writing the end is more determination than fun, more work than play.

At last years LDStorymakers, Aprilynne Pike said, "What separates a writer from an author is the person that keeps writing, even when it stops being fun." I have quoted this before. I'll probably quote it again. It's something I need to remember.

Do I want to be an author? Absolutely. Is it hard? You bet. But I also need to remember the wise words of my very wise husband. "Writing should always be fun, even when it's hard."

What are your writing struggles? How do you get through?

So let's all raise our glasses and overcome. Because no one ever said you'd get a publishing contract handed to you for trying.


  1. LOVE the graphic. Hmmm my writing struggle is getting past the opening. But I will overcome. :)

  2. My struggle is also finishing. I'm crawling there, but I'm going to get to the finish line. All your projects are great. Keep at it!

  3. My writing struggle is the first draft. I hate writing the first draft. I can fix a broken manuscript much better than I can create one. And yet I have to in order to get it done for editing.

  4. My writing struggle is that I have these super talented friends in my group who keep starting awesome projects that I never get to read the END of. JK sort of.

    My real struggle is a bad break up with my last project. Still in transition.