Saturday, November 13, 2010


Am I the only one who is easily distracted by my sub-plots? I'm thinking it's because I rarely get big chunks of writing done at one time. Right now I am wrapping up a chapter it feels like I have been in forevvvver, which deals in large part with a sub-plot. I've gotten caught up in my supporting characters to the extent that I've felt like I'm losing sight of moving my main character forward.

I decided to go back to reread earlier sections of the story to refresh my connection to the plot and refocus myself. I thinks it's helped, and I'm happy to be beginning a new section and deal with some different supporting characters, before the ones I've been living with lately take over the story.


  1. I am easily distracted. :) Sub plots are the least of my worries--I get distracted by whole new plots.

    Keep going. You are getting so close.

  2. While important, my sub-plots can be very distracting. The painful part is when I spend so much time rounding out my supporting characters and then someone says, "You need to cut these entire plots." So move on and Great job so far.