Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Thanksgiving so....

1) What are you thankful for?

2) Did you remember to wish the Tart a happy birthday today?

PS How come it's so hard to find a cornucopia with chocolate and potato chips spilling out?


  1. Very happy birthday to you Arlene. And a great way for you to spend the big day by cooking for everyone else ")

    Have a great one, my friend!

  2. Hey! Thanks! I happen to love cooking so this is a great day for me. :)

  3. What? Sorry, I did not know the Tart was a Thanksgiving baby. No wonder the love for pies! Have a great b-day AND Thanksgiving. :)

    The Thanksgiving part goes for everyone!

  4. Already wished you happy bday, but Have a great one!!!

    I am thankful for forgivness. I've ruined our family meal by screwing up our traditional dish. They will still forgive me, I hope. I may have to make it again tomorrow just to regain my self esteem.

  5. Thanks again!

    Yes, Linda. I LOVE pie. One year I had a cherry pie instead of cake. :) I've gotten over that phase, though. This year, my sister surprised me with the most amazing chocolate cake with chocolate ribbons on it. And she made the whole thing herself. It was awesome!

    DJ, I'm sure they've already forgiven you. :)