Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How do you deal with Holiday Stress?

Do you remind yourself that, Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause?

Do you sit down and drink egg nog or hot cocoa?

Maybe a nice bubble bath with Vanilla bubbles?

Sit by the tree and relax?

Read a good book?

Walk through the snow?

What is your de-stresser? 

(I'm in need of tips.  I was up all night stressing and now I feel like I've got an ulcer.)


  1. It's not very exciting, but I usually do a countdown. I can handle almost anything as long as I can keep the end in sight. Only one more night of dance, only one week until soccer is done, only nine days until the school play is over, only ten days until the kids are out of school...then I can breath. Breathing in ten days.

  2. Ten days. I keep telling that to myself too. I'm off to soak in a tub. But I am feeling better already. I had a good breakfast and a good talk with one of the teachers and all is good. For now.

  3. Sorry you're stressed DJ. I'm not feeling too bad right now, but my plans for this month include a mani/pedi and a massage. I highly recommend both.