Thursday, December 16, 2010


How do we measure success? What does it say about us?

After spending more than half the night waiting for things to come together so that I can meet with one of my favorite agents of all time, success this morning is just getting my computer to work and getting everything arranged.

My oldest son is in a production of "A Christmas Carol" directed by our very own Rose (DJ) and I'm helping back stage. Yesterday was opening night. Success was getting all the way through the play without any major hiccups. The K-6 graders sang beautifully, the lead actor slowed down so you could actually understand his lines, and of course my son was fabulous as he belted his 3 lines as well. SUCCESS!
These are little successes but if I don't count them then I feel like I might always be waiting for success and never achieving it.

What successes have you had recently? Found that perfect gift? Overcome a challenge? Managed to fit in that work out? Tell us about it.


  1. Well, the afore mentioned play was a success. The fact that my daughter sang beautifully was a BIG success. My son overcame his nerves and got on stage, then did a great job saying all his lines and singing his solo--even though his mic didn't work, I heard it all. And apparently my youngest daughter made quite a show of herself during on of the songs and lifted her skirt up--good thing she was wearing bloomers.

    On a different note, a MAJOR success that I am still giddy about is finding a vest for my boy. Several days ago (they are all blending together) I visited him one morning after recess. The boy's lips were BLUE because he refuses to wear a jacket. So he is getting a vest for Christmas in hopes that he will wear that more than his coat in the sub zero weather. I walked into Old Navy and they were $10. But they didn't have his size, but because of amazing customer service, another store held it for us and I was able to score a sweet deal for my boy (who suffers from serious stage fright).

  2. Well I haven't managed to fit in that workout, BUT whenever I see one of my kids using their manners, sharing, caring about other people, and wanting to do good, I feel a little wave of success. It makes up for all the times I get frustrated by their more ornery behavior.

  3. You are so right, DJ. Your kids did a great job and it was a big success. Hopefully it will go as well tonight in just a little while.