Wednesday, December 1, 2010

7:57 am

It is 7:57 on a Wednesday morning.  What are you doing?  What would your characters be doing?

Me, I'm cruising the Internet.

My characters?  Well, one of them has been up for hours getting breakfast ready for the Alfheimers she works for.  Another is still asleep in her aunt's house, sharing a room with a baby and a snotty tween, dreaming about baseball.  And another is locked up in a guest bedroom with a husband she hates waiting to be set free.

And you?


  1. The character from my short story would also be cruising the Internet, but with different intentions than you. She'd be looking for someone to murder. The character from my almost finished novel would be thinking about a better place. And I'm not sure what the character from my new project would be doing. I don't know her well enough yet.

  2. I was getting ready for work, and my character would already have been at work for an hour. Not as exciting as yours, but true. :)

  3. I was sleeping in and getting visits from pajama'd children wondering if they were going to get to school on time today.

    My most recent character is half way around the world and 17 hours ahead so she was most likely getting ready for bed and wondering who the strange guy is stalking her best friend.

    The girl in my finished work would have been riding to school with her best friend listening to Christmas music.

  4. I would be either be finishing my morning workout or just getting out of bed, depending on the day. One of my characters would definitely be skipping school. She's a rebel like that. The latest one I'm working on would be plotting unspeakable evil.