Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fear Factor of St. Patrick's Day!!

I love St. Patrick's Day. My Irish Grandma taught me well to wear my green proudly. However, this morning getting my children dressed was less about getting into the spirit of the day and more about avoiding pain. It went something like this!
Me (wet hair and running late): "Everyone put on something green or the kids at school will pinch you."
Two elementary ages kids rush to find green shirts and change. My littlest sat adamantly refusing to change his brown shirt. Then it became a family effort to find green things we could tie, stick or pin to him to keep him from suffering.
He went to preschool with a brown shirt and I'm pretty sure he will be learning his lesson today.
I learned a new rule from elementary school today. Apparently if you pinch someone by mistake (because they are hiding their green etc) then you get pinched 10 times. Ouch!
I decided to do my part in warning others about this painful tradition by telling my babysitter she better put on something green or she'll get pinched and she said, "That's okay I could use a little excitement."

So please be careful out there today and enjoy St. Patrick's Day. Tell us what is the best St. Patrick's Day Green tradition you know?


  1. As luck would have it, my TWO green shirts are dirty. So I have a green flower in my hair. I'm wondering if J wore green today. :)

  2. I'm eating a divine serving of corned beef and cabbage as I write this. :)

  3. A St. Patrick's anecdote - My son was asked to bring 25 of something green to eat to share with the kids in his class. Although I was pushing for pickles, hubby decided candy would be easiest. So, he goes to the store and discovers bags of green candy aren't as common as one would think the day before St. Patrick's Day. He ends up with two king-sized boxes of Mike N Ikes, planning to pick out the green ones. Upon dumping out the first box there are only 13 green. In the second box? 10. Thus, he got up early this morning and went out to buy a third box. Moral: A pickle in the hand is worth two Mike N Ikes in the store.

  4. Awesome story Linda and soo soo true.